Cost Estimating

One of our greatest strengths is cost estimating. As an independent service, we provide in-house architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and technology cost estimating to Owners and architectural firsm nationally.

This service is of value to the Owner since in-house capabilities eliminate any perceived conflict of interest between the project team and any future bidders. It is also of particular significance when the Value Engineering process is undertaken because of our first-hand knowledge of all aspects of the building construction.

Accurate and well-defined cost estimates are critical to the success of every project. TRICONSTRUCT's estimators specialize in providing accurate construction cost estimates from the initial programming phase through the detailed design and construction phases. Our cost estimating procedures are designed to ensure that each element of the project is well define and accounted for in the estimate format.

Our cost estimating efforts begin with the Program Level estimates of the proposed program. These estimates serve as our "Cost Models" for the project and will be updated to reflect the additional information and details included on the Schematic Design Development, and Construction Documents. We work with the Architect and the Owner throughout the design phase to ensure design components align with available funds. Our final cost estimate, prior to bidding, is used to evaluate the competitive bids received for the various elements of work. This continuous estimating process works to avoid possible bid day disappointment of high bid prices and insures that on bid day the project is within budget.

Architectural / Civil / Structural Cost Estimating

TRICONSTRUCT will work with the Architect to establish appropriate bid alternatives to maximize the design features included in each project while maintaining costs within the budget. TRICONSTRUCT accounts for site development, utilities, structural systems, exterior envelope systems, finish systems such as floors and doors, and equipment specialties. We prefer to develop the project estimate in "Building Component Format," i.e. foundations, structure, exterior walls, finish trades, etc., which facilitates making comparisons and developing alternative solutions. This "monitorable" format provides a means of creating an audit trail from the initial estimate to the project's completion.

Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing Cost Estimating

Our staff also understands the M/E/P systems common to various facilities and will work with the engineers to evaluate different systems and cost models. All estimates are developed in a material and labor format, which enables TRICONSTRUCT and the Owner to perform comprehensive bid evaluations and change order reviews.

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