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Message from our CEO

As CEO of TRICONSTRUCT, I personally welcome you to our website. TRICONSTRUCT has brought together regional construction executives who, over the past 3 decades, have built an extensive accumulation of experience across the Middle East, GCC, as well as the North and West African Regions.

We pride ourselves with our single-minded focus on developing relationships with clients that will span generations. This we achieve through combining our commitment to quality and our knowledge and expertise in the construction industry of the world.

I believe that a solid construction industry is the key to fueling and sustaining a nation's economic growth. Therefore, we at TRICONSTRUCT, have a commitment to true competition together with our passion for excellence, we are confident, will help you "construct your future the way you envision it".

We look forward to building a lasting partnership with you.

Engr. Hani T. Saliba

ECE Eng., Mn Eng. Mngt., B.A., PS
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